The need of the country to use new technologies in the field of footwear industry and at the same time being aware of the high share of insoles made by Italian Delta factories in the production of European “brand” shoes, on the other hand, led us to improve the quality of domestic products. Transfer the production of this soles to our country.

With this in mind, Tehran Delta Production Company (Private Joint Stock Company) was established in 2000 with a 49% participation of the Italian Delta Company and with the support of the approval of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Islamic Republic of Iran and with an initial capital of one million and two hundred thousand dollars. “Polyurethane” shoe soles started to enter the market, which in a short time was very popular among hand-made shoe manufacturers. Because by using this product in their production cycle, they were able to significantly improve the quality of their products and at the same time achieve the two main goals of customer satisfaction and the prosperity of their business.

The same upward trend of applicants and customers of “Polyurethane” soles, along with the spiritual support of union members, encouraged us to increase our efforts and produce other products from the missing links of raw materials needed for the bag and shoes industry, furniture and clothing on our agenda. Suppose that setting up a synthetic leather production unit equipped with fully professional laboratories and training skilled manpower by foreign experts was part of the steps we took in this direction, and in the next step, the production of 100% “polyurethane” synthetic leathers It has an annual capacity of twelve million meters and the commissioning of polymer unit reactors to produce the required polyurethane has also completed the production cycle of the polyurethane leather group.

Installation and use of adsorption and distillation towers for DMF solvent recycling is the next complement of the above lines, which is also a support system, environmental protection, which is currently in operation.
The next goal of “Tehran Delta” is to start producing all kinds of aromatic polyurethanes required in the production of leather, the realization of which has reduced an important part of the industry’s dependence on foreign countries and has enabled stronger competition of Iranian products at the international level.
And now we are focusing on launching the production lines of polyurethane resins of the shoe group and top coats of synthetic leather.

Board of Directors

Tehran Delta factories complex has been constructed in an area of approximately 26,000 square meters with production and office halls with a total area of approximately 23,000 square meters and using 3 MW of electricity and 1400 cubic meters / hour of gas, which includes the following units:

– Consumable PU house system
– PU soles production lines
– Production lines of thermo rubber soles
– Workshop for making spray paints and pastes for leather and soles of the factory
– soles finishing and painting workshop
– Quality control and packaging of soles
– Leather subspecialty laboratory including process control, quality control and guarantee and multi-purpose R&D unit
– 100% PU and SEMIPU synthetic leather production lines with transfer and direct coating methods
– Fabric preparation lines including thorns, razors, buffing and heat stabilization
– PU base production lines by WET method
– DOP recycling line to protect the environment
– DMF recycling line includes absorption tower to prevent the release of steam from DMF and transfer it to the distillation tower for recycling and reuse in the production of products
– Finishing lines, buffing, tumbling, leather laminating and Nabok production lines
– Multiple print lines include pre-printing or final printing of products
– Production lines for upholstery or leather and fabric
– Mechanical, electrical and electronic unit with the ability to maintain machinery and build new devices required
– Specialized offices for the sale of shoe soles and artificial leather in target markets with the presence of specialized experts.

The above facilities, along with the spiritual support of our colleagues, enable us to help Iranian producers by producing products at the level of European standards and in the field of price with the ability to compete with Chinese products, to enhance the country’s bag, shoes, furniture and even clothing industry. Take a step forward for a greater and more effective presence in global markets.

However, we have also taken significant steps to enter the global markets and we are proud that we have been able to overtake some foreign competitors in the regional markets and we see the end of this competition as promising due to the quality and quantity expansion plans of Tehran Delta products and customer satisfaction.

as a result:

In the early days of work, when we entered the difficult field of production, our determination to produce superior products and our hope was to welcome our colleagues from these products. Now, about three decades after its establishment, a combination of our efforts and the trust of our growing customers, allows us to proudly announce some of the facilities and capabilities of “Tehran Delta” to all members of the class; The members who owe the development and progress of the company to their valuable welcome and trust, and we hope to continue along the path to make Iran one of the main and prestigious centers of shoe and leather production in the world.