Synthetic Leather Production Line:
The production of synthetic leather is done in two ways: 1- Transfer coating 2- Direct coating

Leather Fabric Production Line:

First, the raw fabric of the circular bed called Katan is sent for dyeing to be dyed to the desired color of furniture or clothes, then it is prepared in the factory with the help of a thresher, razor and heat stabilizer.

This fabric is transferred to the bronze unit and patterned, and then the laminate unit is obtained with a two-layer towel fabric. In the final stage, this product is transferred to the design unit with the help of a patterned embossing machine, and finally quality control and packaging.

Soles Production Line:

In this unit, the mold is first preheated and installed on the molding machine. Information about the mold, which includes the type of materials, the ratio of mixing of the first poly and isocyanate, the amount of material shedding, the method of material shedding, and the amount of paint required in the computer of the recording machine, then the molding is done.

The next steps are cleaning, washing, painting, possibly polishing with a special machine, and then quality control and packaging.

Production and Sale of Resin:

The production of one-component resins used in the production of synthetic leather consists of several polyester resins in addition to MDI and DMF, which are produced in a 12-hour process of the final product, whether wet coating or top coat.

Color Services:
Colors are prepared for various uses. The production method of all of them is based on mixing paint powder with resins and solvents suitable for each type of need. Production colors include paint for adding to PU shoe materials, paint for spraying on the sole of shoes, paste paint for Pvc synthetic leather, Pu paint for synthetic leather Pu and ink for printing the surface of the outsole that all items must have the ability of abrasion-light resistance.