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Sogo Plus Synthetic Leather

Sogo Plus leather according to the latest production designs in the world, is ready to be offered for all kinds of sandals and with weft kniting back with quality according to the appropriate standards for office and home furniture, which tested items can be presented to respected customers. Dear customers, they can prepare Sogo Plus catalog and requested product from the sales offices.


دفتر سعدی زیرهتهران دلتا فروشگاه سعدی

Saadi Sole office

تهران دلتا - دفتر جابرزادهتهران دلتا - دفتر جابرزاده

Jaberzadeh office

تهران دلتا – دفتر یافت آبادتهران دلتا - دفتر یافت آباد

Yaftabad office

تهران دلتا - دفتر دلاورانتهران دلتا –  دفتر دلاوران

Delavaran office

تهران دلتا - دفتر قمتهران دلتا - دفتر قم

Qom office


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