About Company

About us
Tehran Delta Company was constituted in 2000with a capital of USD 1.2 million of which 51 percent was supplied by the Iranian VC partner and 49 percent by the Delta Company, a very famous Italian brand holder, with an initial aim of producing high quality PU shoe soles in Iran.
We were pushed by a new need of the shoe industry in those days to upgrade and renovate that industrial sector which demanded newly designed soles for their shoes.
We later entered into the production of 100 percent PU artificial leather with 12 million meter production capacity in response to the Furniture, shoe, and fashion industries.
We produce artificial leather with 100 percent polyurethane and semi PU by transfer and direct coating methods.
At present, Tehran Delta Company is a leading producer in the Iranian market as far as quality and prices of the fabrics are concerned.
Investments and the number of employees
Besides consistent amount of investments done on the acquisition of 26 thousand square meter of land and the construction of 23 thousand square meter of industrial buildings, we have invested USD1.2million for shoe soles and USD 500 thousand for furniture and fashion fabrics which will be operative in the very near future.
The total number of our employees amounts to 400 persons at present.

Ahmad ali Sarbandi

Mohamad reza Davar panah

The products of the Tehran Delta company are as follows:
Shoe soles of different material comprising PU soles and thermo rubber soles with a production capacity of 10 million pairs.
Artificial leather comprising 100 percent PU and WET PU with a production capacity of 12 million meters.
Furniture and fashion fabrics with a production capacity of 5 million meters.

Environment has always been a major concern to the members of the board of the company. We have done a consistent amount of investment in building towers to absorb the DMF vapor for then conveying it to the distillation towers. By doing so, we not only reduce the dissipation of the DMF vapor to the surrounding ambient to almost zero, but also are saving money by recycling that expensive material into the production process.

Future plans
Besides, the customer’s satisfaction which has been an ongoing objective in our company, we are aiming at producing different types of polyurethanes comprising those necessary for the production of shoe soles and aromatic and aliphatic ones.
Furthermore, along with maintaining good relationship with the related and supporting industries, we will do our outmost to convert into the focal point in those industrial sectors enhancing the quality and the quantity of our products.